Japanese Tofu Cacao Cake

Let’s turn tofu into a cake!

believe that Japanese confectionery is one of the best in the world. From the Castela, better known as Kasutera (a fluffy sponge cake) ’till the dorayaki (a red bean pancake), Japanese confectionery stands out for its originality and delicacy of flavors. If you are vegetarian you have access to a variety of recipes, but you can’t say the same if you are vegan.

In the future, I will try to adapt other Japanese recipes to a vegan diet. For this recipe, I thought of a simple cocoa plumcake with a few ingredients. The eggs have been replaced by a banana (100gr) and silken tofu (whose special smoothness lends itself very much in the recipes of cakes and sweets). This plum cake is quite basic and has a neutral taste. It can be enriched with a chocolate icing or simply soaked in a little vegetable milk for breakfast or as a snack.

What I like about Japanese confectionery is its ability to teach your palate that sugar is not everything in a cake

Tofu Cacao Cake

  • Servings: 5 people
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • · 1 banana (around 100gr)
  • · 120gr silk tofu
  • · 1Ts vanilla extract
  • · 1Ts rice oil (or any vegetable oil)
  • · 70gr flour (patent flour or “00” flour)
  • · 10gr cornstarch
  • · 4gr backing powder
  • · 1 tsp cream tartar (optional)
  • · a pinch of salt
  • · 40gr sugar


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°
  2. In a bowl mix the flour, the cocoa powder, the baking powder, the cream tartar, the salt and the sugar
  3. In a second bowl mix with a hand blender the banana, the vanilla extract, the tofu and the oil
  4. With a spatula incorporate the banana-tofu cream to the dry ingredients. Mix until completely blended and no lumps.
  5. Pour the mix into a no-stick loaf tin.
  6. Bake for 35 minutes.

Tips: you can serve it with whipped coconut cream or chocolate frosting.


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