6 beautiful table lamps

Table and floor lamps are always the first design objects that catch my attention any time I am in a concept or design store. Lamps define the character of your space, contouring or smoothing out the ambient where you live.  A lamp should be always chosen carefully and it’s all about its function expresses through strong design and concept.  I would never buy just for the lightning function itself, as I would never buy a lamp only for the aesthetic. These two aspects are absolutely complementary and not negotiable.  If you are looking for the perfect lamp for your sideboard or night table here 5 exemplars that I found extremely versatile, beautiful and stylish.

the function, what a nice form!

Achille Castiglioni – designer

1.Nina Table Lamp by Hartô

Nina Table Lamp by Hartô

Nina lamp by Harto it’s all about contrasts: the toy-ish rounded shape but with a strong personality makes this object perfect as a bedside lamp or for the living room. The beauty of the oak base is the precious and organic signature of the entire Harto collection and stands out for quality and delicacy. The metal bell comes in different colors: grey-blue, pink and white. I have my Nina lamp in the corridor and it gives the perfect and cozy lighting that I need in one of the darkest areas of my flat. I would suggest this one paired with wooden walls or shelves.



2.Arc nordic table lamp by le klint

Arc nordic table lamp by Le Klint

Traditional and modern, the Arc floor lamp by Le Klint gives you the feeling to have a strange and faceless creature in your room. The plate is inspired by the pavilion of the danish Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen created by the designer P.V. Jensen Klint. This religious shape (the body is in black or natural oak) works perfectly with a minimalistic style that can elevate the optical sand dune effect and gives a touch of mystery and class to your room.



3.atollo lamp by oluce

Atollo lamp by Oluce

When I think about a table lamp, I always have classic shapes in my mind, nothing really bizarre or eccentric, and the Atollo lamp by Oluce made iconic the idea of lighting. Originally designed by the Italian designer Vico Magistretti in 1977, this lamp makes a statement with its bold presence. You can totally perceive the vibe of the late ’70s, like a space mushroom design object coming out from a Kubrick’s movie.



4.Snoopy lamp by flos

Snoopy lamp by Flos

Designed by Achille & Piergiacomo Castiglioni in 1967 (who became really popular for the arco marble lamp), this gem it’s the perfect match for creative personalities with the desire to have a playful touch in the room. Called after Charlie Brown’s pet beagle, it has a generous smooth shape that makes this lamp the perfect companion, like a dog,  for your readings before to sleep. https://flos.com/


5.Jwda Lamp by menu

Gwda lamp by Menu

When in doubt, take Jwda. This honest lamp goes straight to the point:  2/3 of the shape is pure light with a frosted oval bulb. The base comes in different variations: marble, brass or concrete and the twist button on the front controls the intensity of light, which is an important feature especially for the bedroom.



6.flowerpot by &tradition

Flowerpot lamp by &tradition

This lovely lamp called Flowerpot by the Danish brand &tradion  recalls the union between two planest with the peculiar intersection of the spheres. And it’s not a coincidence if we think that the designer Verner Panton, is the creative mind behind the chair used by Kubrick in 2001 a Space Odyssey! This lamp has been produced in different nuances but it’s hard to choose another color to this classic red-beige.