A “The Poster Club” love story

Tenna Elisabeth Studio Lineshape03

I like the idea of my own home like something fluid that changes with you, with your emotions and new experiences. Just a month ago I was talking to L., who runs a beautiful and tiny interior design shop here in Berlin, about how much my taste is changed in the last few years finding some of my past choices totally unacceptable today. Her reaction was comforting, she indeed invited me to embrace my past choices and thinking about my house like something growing with me.

I also have my phases with colors and prints, of course. They make a big change and it’s really important to pick the right ones. I’ve realized that something was definitely missing in my bedroom, like a bold good print with an abstract motif and sandy colors (yellow or mustard – my new obsession!).

After long research, I’ve fallen in love with the selection of The Poster Club (on their website you can also search for colors): they have a strong concept, high-quality prints, and selected artworks that make you believe this is the right place for you.

I simply don’t like having the impression that you are going to buy a pretty ok “poster” from a random crappy selection and not a real “print” with high-quality paper in a place where concept and quality are the real values.

Tenna Elisabeth Studio is a Copenhagen-based design studio run by graphic designer Tenna Elisabeth Jacobsen.

Her artworks are inspired by both analogue and digital form and colour experiments and she combines different techniques and materials to explore new graphic textures and expressions.

The Poster Club

The choice was rather difficult because many prints seemed to reflect the idea of the atmosphere that I wanted to recreate: boho but also with a nordic element, classic and warm. Eventually, I chose the refined print by Tenna Elizabeth Studio, an abstract motif with light industrial connotations where a rich golden mustard color dominates.

The Poster Club