Your skin-calming heroes by Dear Klairs

When your skincare turns blue

Violet blue botanical compounds in skincare are becoming more popular over the last year thanks to innovative formulas coming from Korea with brands like Dear Klairs.
These are extracts that can be found in Roman and German Chamomile, Yarrow, Wormwood, California mugwort, Elecampane, and Blue Tansy.
If you check the ingredient list of some of the Kbeauty products you will notice the nice word “azulene”. Chemist and perfumer Septimus Piesse, indeed, suggested this name first time in the 1880s, referring to all the compounds containing the constituent chamazulene.
These are the benefits of incorporating azulene into our skincare routine:
1) calming effect & anti-inflammatory: exceptional for irritated skin or prone to rosacea
2) skin-healing effect: help to repair damaged skin
3) overall relaxing experience due to the gentle, calming aroma.

Here 3 products by Dear Klairs I am currently using and I picked for you to get to know this amazing Kbeauty brand.

Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

It’s made of a dual peptide formula to improve the appearance and skin texture. Its lightweight formula is perfect for rapid absorption and to be combined with other serum or moisturizers. The Midnight Blue Youth is perfect as a healing step after your toner and before any other treatment.

Midnight Blue Calming Cream

This saved, literally, my skin during the sun exposure last summer in Sicily. It soothes any irritated skin, packed with jojoba oil, broccoli extract, ceramide, and guaiazulene. I started using this in summer, but I can’t help myself and I use it also during the winter as a sleeping mask.

Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter

The perfect eye cream for demanding skin. As the name suggests, it is butter but extremely gentle and rapid to absorb. It is infused with caffeine to de-puff the area around your eyes, camellia, turmeric, and copper tripeptide.

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