A Korean recipe for glowing skin

The healing power of fruits

won’t lie: I have a weakness for Korean skincare and for those brands that try to make an easier approach, not less effective. The brand, founded in 2014 by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, currently has nine products to its credit and another tenth has just been announced in its social channels.

Their line uses natural extracts and infusions obtained from melon, pineapple, avocado, blueberries, combined with advanced techniques such as encapsulation. This technique, a real trend in recent years, ensures the slow release of active ingredients such as retinol, ensuring gentle interaction, and deeper action.

I have tested almost all their products over the last 4 months and it is almost impossible to find any flaws. Glow Recipe knows very well that skincare is also a holistic ritual, which is why all of their products have a light, natural and pleasant scent that cheers the mind when applied.

The texture of their products is absolutely innovative: the melon night mask is a gel with a barely viscous and absolutely refreshing consistency that when applied after evening skincare prevents moisture loss during the hours of sleep, ensuring ultra-smooth skin when waking up.

Honestly: one of my favorite products! Don’t miss the vitamin C serum with another concentrate of pineapple extract: a product launched last year to enhance their mission on glass-effect skin. Of all the vitamin C serums I’ve tried, this is the most versatile, with a stable formulation that can be combined with other products that immediately makes the complexion radiant and radiant.

I like to mix it with their pink juice and finally moisturize it with banana soufflé: a moisturizing cream rich in magnesium whose texture is slightly viscous but soft at the same time: the skin has a wet effect, super moisturized, but with a dry touch at the same time.

Perfect for young skin but also for mature skin, intolerant of all types of texture and finish.

At Glow Recipe, we’ve embraced the idea that every skincare routine is unique and personal, and it’s our goal to give you the tools to treat your skin based on its changing needs. We also work closely with our labs, who do a great job of keeping us in the loop on all the development and trends in the beauty world, so that we can bring you products that are both gentle and effective.

Sarah Lee, Christine Chang / founders